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Dennis Domrzalski (Dom-zal-ski) is one of the funniest and most entertaining columnists and authors writing today. He rants against stupidity, hypocrisy, mediocrity and conformity with a flair, blue-collar bluntness and hilarity that no one can match. And his targets, whether they’re corrupted bureaucrats, blowhard, talentless newspaper editors, or dim-witted celebrities hate him because he makes them look like the losers they really are. The Chicago native has been a newspaper reporter and columnist for 23 years. His new comic novel, I Got Stinky Feet, is an insanely funny attack on everything that is phony, pretentious and politically correct in America. For more information about the book, click on the "Stinky Feet" button above.
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  • Reviews for I Got Stinky Feet:
  • "Gut-busting and hilarious. Rabid, no-holds-barred storytelling."--Albuquerque Weekly Alibi
  • "The kind of book Mark Twain would had written if he had had a motorcycle."—Mark Sienkiewicz Metz, France
  • "Deadly funny! Domrzalski made me laugh out loud with this amazing tale."--Maurice Possley, Chicago Tribune and author of "Everybody Pays."

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